ROBA Bar & Restaurant. A modern British restaurant located in Norfolk Towers Hotel in Paddington, London.
Located in an upcoming part of Paddinton, ROBA was seeking to position itself a destination hub for both the day and nightime. A relaxed space where anyone could enjoy a changing seasonal menu from a Robata Grill paired with signature cocktails.
The Brief
My brief was the creation of a new brand identity, website and printed collateral. This all had to be memorable, engaging and stand out within the local marketplace.
My Solution
Taking cues from the architects renderings inspired me in the creation of the brand. Their use of an overhead lighting sculpture, which they intended to hang in the bar area, informed my creation of the logo and accompanying line mark. Craquelure glass lampshades helped inspire the accompanying textures.
I also designed a modern, lightweight website that responds to all devices. Ensuring the user can always have access to the restaurant menus and booking information.

Other Work

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