Based in the atrium (formerly the taxi driveway) of the Grade 1 listed St Pancras Renaissance hotel. The Hansom Lounge is an all-day space that caters to both business users and guests of the hotel.
The Brief
The client tasked my team to reposition and re-brand the iconic atrium lounge to better reflect is use as an 'all-day' space. The design had to hark to its iconic British heritage and use as the original taxi driveway for the horse drawn Hansom cabs of the Victorian age.
My Solution
The direction was formed around a simple 3-colour palette: The dark 'Shelter Green' was inspired from the paint that used to adorn old cabbie shelters that were frequented by the Hansom Cab drivers of the Victorian age. The 'Copper' was directly inspired by the brass fixtures and fittings from the cabs and the 'Pale Barlow' a nod to the distinctive 'Barlow Blue' of the wrought ironwork adoring the interior atrium space.
Alongside the considered palette was a logo crafted from 'Classic English' inspired typography. With the 'A' of Hansom echoing the bespoke typeface the hotel, and associated spaces, use throughout all their interior signage.
Finally to add depth to the concept we created our own twist on the London cabbies exam simply known as 'The Knowledge'. There are 320 routes each cabbie has to learn in order to pass their cab driver exam. We took each of these routes, mapped them and created a series of bespoke geometric illustrations. These additional decorative pieces would adorn print such as the opening party invites and menus.
Finally, as an experiential campaign piece, we took a classic black cab and converted it into a mobile pop up bar! It would be driven to various spots around London, transform into a bar, and help spread word of The Hansom.
Massive thanks to Garry Parker on this project for aiding with art direction.

Other Work

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